At the limit

Europan DOM

The project consists in preserving the natural environments beyond the biotope and reinforcing the identity and the potential of the site: the concentration and continuity of the Cayenne rainforest make it possible to channel and orient the extension of the nature and the city.
The objective is to define a limit of urban integration that restores a balance between the "built-up compartments" and the territory, in particular with the mountains in deforestation.
It is a matter of bringing the city to be built in relation with nature and not in its place. Reintroducing in urbanity a symbolic relationship and a dynamic that allows "the elaboration of balances and places, appropriate to lifestyle and world vision changes".
To improve the quality of housing, public spaces and to meet the strong housing demand, the project imagines an active, open, dense and mixed boundary.
An open limit on nature and on the city thanks to two areas which favor a dynamic based on the encounter between social cultures and individual imaginaries and constitute the place where everything is possible.