The Agency


The agency was created in 2000 by Alix Héaume and Adrien Robain, both DPLG architects and associate managers.
The TEAM now includes 7 people: Alix Héaume, David Mendes, Clara Ristorto, Adrien Robain, Rémi Roche, Fanny Vallin, Iana Vicq.

In parallel with the agency's activities, the two partners are involved in several associations and institutions dedicated to the promotion of architecture: Adrien Robain was Vice-President of the Maison de l'Architecture in Ile-de-France for 8 years; Alix Héaume and Adrien Robain were part of the association "French Touch" which published, among other things, « les annuels optimiste d’architecture ».
Both took part in numerous architectural juries and were at the initiative of the "festival of vivid architectures" in 2004 and 2006 with the a-Pack association.

In 1999, Alix Héaume and Adrien Robain were laureates of the Europan Dom.
In 2006, the agency won the Nouveaux Albums des Jeunes Architectes. This distinction, awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, is attributed "to teams of European architects particularly promising for the quality of their projects, the specificity of their careers and their ability to respond to current architectural and urban issues ".

The two partners received a HEQ training and in 2010 the agency received « l’appel à projets BBC » (BBC call for projects) launched by ADEME and the Ile-de-France region in 2010.
In 2014, the TEAM won the 2nd prize of « grand public archicontemporaine » for the dwellings and the nursery on Riquet Street.
Since 2016, the team is trained to the BIM in compliance with a management charter and develops all its projects with Revit.

The Agency

The offices are located in the center of Paris, between Réaumur Street and the Grands Boulevards, in the heart of the historic Sentier district.
The surface of 135 m² on two levels includes closed offices, a large computer work room, a meeting room, a documentation area and a material library. The available space makes it possible to organize working meetings at the agency and welcome a dozen people.


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