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The program for the creation of the new building called "Titan" is part of the real estate renovation scheme of the administrative and management center of CNES / CSG. It foresees the construction of a new building in a occupied site, as some buildings will be maintained and renovated at a later date.
The built environment is similar to modular prefabs, simply unified by a colorimetric charter, which is now obsolete. This situation imposed a reflection on the position, the dimension of the project and its insertion on the site.
The project aims to provide a formal and technical solution to a dual challenge:
• the issue of the representation of the CNES' identity and making it part of the site
• the quality and efficiency of the TITAN building.
This has led to the design of a building which projects a new and strong identity, integrating technical and architectural principles into this response, which will make it possible to establish prescriptions for future constructions.