In The Sun

Housing & Nursery

The project is located 16 Rue Riquet, on an exceptional parcel: it is widely visible from the corner of Flandre’s Avenue, close to the Bassin de la Villette and benefits from 36 meters south façade.. Its characteristics constitute a very rich urban potential, that our project sought to exploit through the implementation and the design of the new building.
Our choices imposed themselves in an obvious way:
• develop an environmental approach as from the first stage of design,
• make the most out of the important south façade,
• gradually move back westward from the adjacent building and create views for the new building,
• create a garden at the end of the plot and serve the housing by the back (north façade).

Making the most out of the south facade included designing a "thermal" façade made by loggias. These private outdoor spaces improve the comfort and the quality of the apartments.
Indeed, a closed loggia is good both for summer and winter comfort.
The loggia is a buffer space made of two glass sliding façades, that can open and close as the temperature changes: it is both a balcony and a winter garden.