House of Architecture


Dehors Paris

In these times of "metropolisation" of the Ile-de-France territory, it seems important to us to estimate at its true value the "suburbs'" heritage, its multiple expressions, its ruptures and discontinuities. The “Dehors Paris” exhibition offered a partial and arbitrary inventory of audacity and architectural inventiveness in Ile-de-France, outside Paris.

Kama Sutra

In KAMA SUTRA, we seek in vain for projects that pastiche the past or turn something from it. There is no "rehabilitation" projects that aim at putting the old to the standards of the present. KAMA SUTRA presents exclusively audacious projects, with a lot of nerve to be honest, in which the participants were happy to deal with the old and to generate a full project, a new one which would potentially vector gathering and new images through the manipulation done with the old building. The 50 projects presented in KAMA SUTRA were all born under this good star and have found a creative balance of their own on the slippery dividing line between contemporary and old.

In Vitro

Dedicated to the architecture of free dreams, In Vitro includes two zooms over two generations of architects.
In first place, carte blanche was entrusted to the student coordinating office of the seven schools of architecture in the Ile-de-France region.
It invites one to an initiatory journey, a sort of journey to Rome via the internet, Grand Tour of the real and the virtual that now provides sensibilities of the architects of the future.
In the second place, the Maison de l'Architecture in Ile-de-France wanted to propose a staging of current research collected in about thirty agencies.