Light Boxes


The new Art College of the City of Poitiers must move and settle in a museum that needs to be restored. The museum has already experienced several extensions over the ages; Extensions which remain too small to accommodate the works and the school.
The objectives of the program are mainly functional: to reorganize the Sainte-Croix museum, to settle the Art College while clearly distinguishing the two entities.
For us, the challenge of this project is to harmonize, unify, and make this mixture of two entities coherent by making the old and the contemporary coexist.
We also had to find space, so we seized the courtyard space, with a canopy that makes the transition between the old and the new which houses the new sculpture workshops.

This canopy is made up of very thick wooden caissons to make the light as uniform as possible and to improve the acoustics.
We realized a very important work on the lights. These are different according to the usages: exhibition rooms, researchers' work rooms, and student workshops.
In parallel, we carried out an in-depth research into the different treatments of facades and windows: drawing, dimensions, materials and colors to give a recognizable identity to this complex place.