Blue iceberg


The site and its surroundings constitute a strong landscape that enjoys an obvious relationship with the seafront and the port of Saint-Pierre. The plot, which is very long in the east-west axis, offers an opening to the sea as well as a view of the west hills. The surrounding is a sparse urban fabric dominated by the local vegetation.
We draw from this context in order to:
• design a built volume in balance with the local architecture: in its domestic scale and in the reinterpretation of Saint-Pierre's architecture’s components,
• design a building directly related to its environment. This connection requires a different and very careful treatment on each façade of the building, depending on the prevailing winds, snow and so on. In addition, we must integrate very stringent safety rules into the program,
• use noble and perennial materials with no complexities in their application, resistant to extreme climatic conditions: zinc and stained wood.