Banks of the Lake


This is the first housing project launched in the future eco district of Bordeaux, located near the lake. Functional mixing is planned: collective, semi-collective dwellings, individual houses, a neighborhood equipment and a semi-buried car park in the heart of the islet.
Our understanding of this exceptional site led us to define 3 objectives as the basis of the project:
• propose a sustainable project,
• propose a dense and mixed urban project,
• propose a generous architectural project.
Each dwelling has a special character but all develop similar qualities:
• all the houses are crossed or polyoriented and thus exploit the direct views towards the lake,
• all the accommodations benefit from a private outdoor space, garden or terrace,
• blocks and houses benefit from individual access, as superimposed houses,
• There is plenty of access between the public space and the heart of the islet, which allows multiple paths to get to one's dwelling.